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Collagen induction supplementation protocol

SKINADE InSupport Programme: 10-day kit

The Skinade InSupport programme is included in our bespoke Secret RF & Pro protocols to optimise your clinical outcomes as part of our peri-procedure treatment protocol with advanced medical-grade collagen induction therapies.

SkinadeMD® INsupport™ is specifically designed to:

  • Enhance and support injectables results

  • Enhance and support the collagen proliferation phase

  • Support hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen synthesis

  • Enhance localised injectable boosters outcome

  • Reduce and prevent normal associated treatment impacts such as; bruising, swelling and inflammation

  • Allow return to normal social activities sooner

  • Support in achieving maximum results, whilst lowering obvious signs of treatment


Instructions for use

Start the programme 5 days before your first session and continue for 5 days after the session.

10 x Liquid sachets (take one per day).

10 x Capsules (take one per day).

Empty one liquid sachet into a  bottle, add 150ml of water,  
shake and consume immediately with one capsule.

25ml Oral spray (dose 3 sprays (3 pumps) 4-5 times per day).

It is recommended to spray 3 doses (3 pumps) under the tongue, 4 to 5 times per day for 10 days. If directed to, the spray component can be taken pre and continued post-treatment.


Post-procedure maintenance: 5-day kit

Our protocols also include a 5-day kit of the long-term post-procedure maintenance programme of daily Skinade collagen supplement bottles.

We recommend continuing Skinade for the full course of sessions to further enhance longevity and results.


+ Increased skin hydration and radiance
+ Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
+ Increased skin suppleness
+ Healthier looking hair and nails

Instructions for use:

Start the Skinade bottles 5 days post-procedure once you have finished your InSupport kit.

For best results, we recommend that you drink one bottle each morning with or after breakfast. This may be continued throughout the full course of sessions for optimised clinical outcomes as well as long-term for maintenance & preventative purposes.

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