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Dr Ana (Anahita) Mansouri


Multi-award winning Aesthetic Doctor, Trainer, KOL, International Speaker, Expert Media Advisor & Clinical Lead

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My name is Ana, I'm the resident aesthetic doctor and medical director at Dr Ana The Skin Clinic, Birmingham's premier non-surgical cosmetic clinic. My ethos is to provide holistic multi-modality treatments to boost my patients' confidence. My signature approach is a light-handed take on cosmetic treatments to achieve the most natural and seamless enhancements.

I provide media comments in the capacity of an expert advisor relating to any topics around beauty, wellness & cosmetic treatment. I am also an educator & international speaker in relation to medical aesthetics & cosmetic dermatology.


I'm a multi-award winning cosmetic doctor, lead advanced trainer (Acquisition Aesthetics), Key Opinion Leader (SkinCeuticals, Hydrafacial & Skinpen), Expert media adviser and International speaker in the capacity of Skin Expert.

I specialise in natural and tasteful injectables (Botox & Fillers), skincare and offer the range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. As an expert medical practitioner in the beauty industry I am delighted to be able to educate clients about advancements and safety considerations in the latest cosmetic medicine & beauty trend, as seen in some of my previous press features (click for link).

My signature approach centres around safe, gentle and timeless "tweakments" to enhance one's natural beauty and combat signs of premature ageing.

I am hence best known for perfecting the "Baby Botox" technique.

Background & Career

I moved to the UK from Stockholm, Sweden, to study medicine at Newcastle University where I graduated in 2014. I completed my foundation training at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, where I have since settled with my partner.

During my medical training as a GP trainee, I gained experience in a wide range of medical and surgical specialities, but I have always had a deep-rooted interest for cosmetic medicine with a childhood dream of pursuing a career in plastic surgery or cosmetic dermatology. This led me to undergo foundation training in aesthetic injectables in 2016 & complete a Diploma in Clinical Dermatology. I instantly realised that I had finally discovered my passion.


Finding my purpose in medical aesthetics has been the best decision of my life as I have never felt more fulfilled. My mission is to raise the standard of safety,

ethical practice and quality of care within the industry, I take pride in my thorough and holistic approach to each patient.


Suggested titles:

Dr Ana, Cosmetic doctor & skin expert
​Dr Ana Mansouri, Aesthetic doctor & Skin Expert

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Disclaimer if applicable to content:

I work with & consult for Skinceuticals (L'Oréal's medical division), Hydrafacial, Cutera and Skinpen in the capacity of skin expert, medical educator & KOL (Key Opinion Leader) 


MD (Medical Doctor) - Aesthetic physician

MBBS degree (Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery)

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology (PgDipDerm)


  • PgDipDerm - Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology from the Blizard Institute and the Department of Dermatology at Barts Health, Queen Mary University of London.

  • L3AET - Level 3 Award in Medical Education and Training.

  • PgDipAes L7 - OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine awarded by OfQual - in progress.

  • SkinMasterclass Pro training programme certificate in biochemical engineering of skincare formulations.

  • MBACert - MBA Essentials Certificate from the London School of Economics.

  • GPST2 - A background in the medical field including former associate GP in training.

Awards & Accolades:

  • Winner of the Highly Commended Award in the Aesthetics Awards 2022 "Best non-surgical result".

  • Winner of the Highly Commended Award in the Aesthetics Awards 2022 "Rising Star of the Year".

  • Winner of the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 "Most Trusted Cosmetic Doctor – West Midlands".

  • Finalist in the Aesthetics Awards 2021 "Rising Star".

  • Winner of Aesthetics United AUCC Awards 2021 "Rising Star of The Year".

  • Finalist in Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2021 "Aesthetic Doctor of the Year".

  • Winner of GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2021 "Aesthetic Doctor of the Year - West Midlands".

  • Listed by the award-winning beauty journalist and author Alice Hart-Davis in her esteemed “little black book” of the top aesthetic practitioners in the country - The Tweakments Guide.

  • Regularly featured in international media providing advice on skin health - As seen in Vogue, Grazia, Glamour, The Sun, Ok!, The Times, Telegraph & Manoto+ TV.

Public speaking:

  • IMCAS Paris June 2022: Demonstration focus - Botulinum toxin, dermal filler+ + HA intensifier and microneedling, GL gel peel + CE Ferulic (Sponsored by SkinCeuticals)

  • AM Live London May 2022: An integrated & light-handed approach - Exploring Medical grade skincare, Baby Toxin & Hydradermabrasion treatment planning (Sponsored by Hydrafacial)

  • AUCC London November 2021: The multi-modality approach - A case study

  • AUCC London November 2021: Integrating injectables & medical grade skincare (Sponsored by SkinCeuticals)

  • L'Oréal MLL (Medical Learning Live) September - November 2021: Skin health, Consultation & Maintenance (Sponsored by SkinCeuticals)

Areas of Expertise

My main areas of expertise lies in facial injectable treatments & skincare.

My signature approach is holistic multimodality treatments aiming to

provide the best possible results to my patients in a safe and subtle

manner. This is why I am best known for perfecting the "Baby Botox" technique.


Body Contouring:

Cosmetic Dermatology:

Advanced Botox

Advanced Dermal Fillers

Skin Boosters

Platelet Rich Plasma

Non-surgical fat reduction

Skin tightening 

Weight Management


Medical grade skincare & Cosmeceuticals 

Medical grade facials

Chemical peels

Medical Lasers & light therapies

Day to day work


I spend most of my week as the resident aesthetic doctor and medical director at Dr Ana The Skin Clinic, a cosmetic clinic in Birmingham’s premier medical district. This two-story purpose-built clinic offers the full range of non-surgical procedures performed by a handpicked team of industry experts.

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Before & Afters

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Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 13.40.35.png
Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 13.55.41.png
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Get in Touch

+44 77 5975 1795

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